Saturday, 25 February 2012

Danny's Bike

Craig's Bike at the moment

Craig purchased an A7 BSA off another club member in order to go on an extended ride around the country. He has asked me
to look it over and to make any necessary repairs. The engine has been stripped and the main and big end bearings
reconditioned. The head will have a new set of valves and guides and the front forks, wheel bearings, gearbox and brakes
overhauled. The gearbox has been dismantled and a new set of bushes and bearings ordered.

Craig's Profile

About Craig:

Danny and I have been mates for over 30 years and enjoy talking about and riding vintage bikes.
The first registered bike I owned was a 1951 AJS 500 Twin that I rode in 1970-71.
After that it was stored in the shed until 2004.
I got it going again when I turned 50 and I rode it until moving to Perth 2 years ago.

When Danny first told me about his cousin's trip, I was hooked.
The original story is fascinating and the photos bring the story to life.
I'm pretty excited about our proposed ride in 2013 and having fun getting everything organised.

I work as a dump truck driver in the mines, with a two-weeks on/one week off roster, so planning the trip is a great diversion from the long hours.
I'm keen to replicate the ride as authentically as possible and have great respect for the original riders as they rode in harsh conditions- especially the sandy roads.

Danny helped organise the purchase of my BSA for the ride and I haven't even seen it yet!
I'm going back to Mildura in early February and checking it out is one of the first things I'll do.
I'm looking forward to taking it for a spin.